Congratulations on your new collier!

Congratulations on your new collier!

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in purchasing your statement necklace! Here are a few tips for wearing a work of art…

A grand collier demands attention and should be your primary focus. It’s advisable not to wear any other jewelry to avoiding detracting from such a statement piece. Simple stud earrings will do the job nicely.

An open neckline, ie: bateau neck, or scoop neck highlights your statement necklace, as does the simplicity of wearing it over a shirt or turtleneck sweater.

Be bold with your choices. Experiment with color, and don’t be afraid to be monochromatic. It just might be a single color day. If it is, then run with it! Nothing is more fabulous and chic then a tonal statement.

Long pendants are a great casual chic look you can wear with anything. You can also layer long and short, just make sure they aren’t in competition with one another. Balance is the key.